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Volume 26, Number 1 (2019), Pages 84-85
Community square: The new SIGCHI EC's values and strategic initiatives
Helena Mentis, Cliff Lampe, Regina Bernhaupt, Anirudha Joshi, Susan Fussell, Susan Dray, Dan Olsen, Aaron Quigley, Julie R. Williamson, Eunice Sari, Loren Terveen, Allison Druin, Philippe Palanque
DOI: 10.1145/3292013

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With the start of any new SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC), it is healthy to assess the state of the organization and lay out a plan to move forward for the new term. Thus, at the start of the July 2018 meeting of the new SIGCHI EC, the new president, Helena Mentis, led the EC in reflecting on the successes and open issues from the past, identifying the values of the new EC in how we conduct our business, and formulating our strategic initiatives for the next three years. The outcome of this strategic-vision session is outlined as follows.

back to top  Our Values

The SIGCHI EC has articulated the following 10 values. Specifically, these are instrumental values: They are our preferred methods of behavior. They are not an end goal, but they translate into a means by which an end goal is accomplished.

These behaviors guide the EC in their relationship with one another and our relationship with our community, including our conferences' leadership and volunteers.

The SIGCHI membership roster to date does not fully encompass those we consider part of the SIGCHI community.

back to top  SIGCHI Strategic Initiatives

In deciding on the strategic initiatives that would be the focus of the EC's time for the next three years, we aimed to strike a balance between the immediate needs of our membership and the long-term strategic needs of the organization (see "Bottom up" value). The SIGCHI EC has identified the following five strategic initiatives:

The members of the executive committee welcome feedback from you on how our values and goals can be translated into actions for the benefit of the entire HCI community. We particularly welcome approaches from volunteers looking to invest their time to work with us in achieving these shared goals. Please feel free to write to us at

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Helena Mentis, SIGCHI President,

Cliff Lampe, SIGCHI Executive Vice President,

Regina Bernhaupt, SIGCHI Vice President for Membership and Communication,

Anirudha Joshi, SIGCHI Vice President of Finances,

Susan Fussell, SIGCHI Vice President at Large,

Susan Dray, SIGCHI Vice President at Large,

Dan Olsen, SIGCHI Vice President for Operations,

Aaron Quigley, SIGCHI Vice President for Conferences,

Julie R. Williamson, SIGCHI Vice President for Publications,

Eunice Sari, SIGCHI Vice President for Chapters,

Loren Terveen, SIGCHI Past President,

Allison Druin, SIGCHI Adjunct Chair for Inclusion,

Philippe Palanque, SIGCHI Adjunct Chair for CHI,

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